specializing on


OPSEC/Best Practices

General operational security support (e.g., setting up code review process, signing commits & binaries, proper access controls to repos and keys, disaster recovery/preparation, etc)


Code auditing of smart contract code, and any other security sensitive code.

Protocol Design & Analysis

Perform analysis and review of whitepaper & platform, from game theory, security, feasibility and performance perspective

Featured Audit


The audit consists of the SecondPriceAuction.sol, FrozenToken.sol and MultiCertifier.sol contracts.

The sale is an auction type sale. The token price is time dependent, getting cheaper the longer the same runs. The sale duration is allocation dependent, the more tokens that are bought the sooner the sale’s deadline.
All three contracts are well constructed and show good design, no flaws or security issues were found.

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The ZKLabs Team

Matthew Di Ferrante

Security Engineer at Ethereum Foundation with 3+ years experience in the crypto/blockchain space

Matthew is the Founder of Zero Knowledge Labs and has been involved in the ethereum/blockchain community for 3+ years, and has more than 7 years software engineering experience. His expertise are cryptography, distributed systems and information security.

Dean Eigenmann

Founder of Harbour, Auditor and Solidity Developer

Dean is the creator of the Harbour governance protocol, and is experienced both in auditing and developing complex smart contracts in solidity and EVM assembly

Nick Johnson

Ethereum Core Dev & ENS Lead

Nick is a core developer at the Ethereum Foundation and leads the popular ENS (Ethereum Name Service) project. He's also an experienced auditor, having performed platform audits for many different ethereum projects like Bancor, Name Bazaar, Air Swap and ChainLink

Harry Roberts

Security Professional and Ethereum Bug Bounty Winner

Harry is a security professional with over a decade of experience and one of the few to be awarded a bug bounty from the Ethereum Foundation.