We are Zero Knowledge Labs - we provide Smart Contract Development and Auditing Services for projects built on the Ethereum platform.

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Security Consulting / Training


Protocol Design & Analysis


Research & Development

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Aragon Nest


Scalable & Private Voting through Billinear Pairings

ZK Labs was awarded a grant to produce a scheme for off-chain signature generation with efficient on-chain verification. The aim is to create a construction that scale wells with the number of participants, and with steps beyond key registration and final verification to be done off-chain.





  • Code Auditing
    • Code review
    • Vulnerability finding
    • Security consulting & training

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ZK Team

Matthew Di Ferrante

Founder of ZK Labs, Cryptographer and Lead Auditor

Matthew is the Founder of ZK Labs and he has been involved in the ethereum/blockchain community since the beginning, and has close to a decade software engineering experience. His expertise are cryptography, distributed systems and information security.

Dean Eigenmann

Founder of Harbour, Auditor and Solidity Developer

Dean is the creator of the Harbour governance protocol, and one of the main contributors of the ENS project. He is experienced both in auditing and developing complex smart contracts in solidity and EVM assembly.

Anton Angione

Business Development & Strategy

Anton leads business development and enterprise strategy at ZK Labs. He brings nearly two decades of business development expertise and a strong passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Nick Johnson

Ethereum Core Dev & ENS Lead

Nick is a core developer at the Ethereum Foundation and leads the popular ENS (Ethereum Name Service) project. He’s also an experienced auditor, having performed platform audits for many different well known ethereum projects.

Harry Roberts

Security Professional and Ethereum Bug Bounty Winner

Harry is a security professional with over a decade of experience and is an awardee of a bug bounty from the Ethereum Foundation. He is one of the few programmers alive who can actually understand and implement zkSNARKs.




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